At least ten dead in knife attacks –

At least 10 people have been killed in a series of knife attacks in rural Canada.

15 injured were also taken to hospitals for treatment, Saskatchewan provincial police said at a news conference. “We have 13 active crime scenes that we are investigating,” Officer Rhonda Blackmore said. “So at some of these crime scenes there may not have been a dead person, but instead there were injured people who had not died.” However, other injuries cannot be excluded. Two suspects are on the run, the police having initially been unable to make a statement on a mobile. “It appears that some of the victims were targeted and others were chosen at random,” Blackmore said.

Area five times larger than Germany

“So it would be extremely difficult to name a pattern at this point.” The victims were attacked in two Saskatchewan communities, Canadian media reported. Police are looking for the two suspects in that province and in the adjacent provinces of Manitoba and Alberta. The area of ​​these three provinces in central Canada is more than five times larger than that of Germany.

The suspects escape in the vehicle

“At this time, we have no indication that they have traveled to another province, but as they are in a vehicle, we cannot be 100% sure of their current whereabouts,” Blackmore said. “The priority now is to locate them and ensure they are in custody.” Additional emergency services were also ordered to attend a game at a football stadium in small town Regina.

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