Knossi Shows New ‘7 vs. Wild’ Look – Community With Bizarre Celebrity Comparison

Knossi is one of the contestants for the third season of “7 vs. Wild”. Credit: IMAGO/Panama Pictures


Imke Gerriet

A third season of “7 vs. Wild” will be produced this year. The stars of the series do not have to start the adventure alone, but for the first time, they compete in teams. In the best-case scenario, Fritz Meinecke will make his way through the Canadian wilderness with Survival Mattin for 14 days. They must therefore last twice as long, because previously they had to be alone for seven days.

Knossi and Sascha Huber are also back in the game. The two endured the second season and ended up being picked up by boat from their deserted island in Panama. It’s unclear exactly when filming for the new season will begin, but Knossi has now surprised with a look for the show. Her fans were quick to draw comparisons to other celebrities.

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Knossi surprised by type change

On Instagram alone, Knossi has a huge following with over 1.7 million fans. In his story, he has now shown what change he intends to make. Referring to 7 vs. Wild, the 37-year-old said it was “probably the last haircut” before the Survival show. The hairdresser quickly came to his house and gave him and his girlfriend Lia a new look.

Knossi showed exactly what was done with her hair.

Knossi showed exactly what was done with her hair.Image: Instagram/ Knossi

Knossi quickly revealed the direction in which the change should go. He asked his fans, “White as a wolf: should I do it or not? It’s up to you.” The vote was clear. The Twitch streamer noted: “I become a wolf. Will like a wolf.” And further: “Wolf against bear, what other animal? It can only be the wolf. Since the new season is being produced in Canada, it’s not unreasonable that Knossi might encounter a bear there. After her hair turned yellow for a short time, another dye was added.

Knossi sees no resemblance to comedians

The host joked, “Welcome to ‘You Know It’s Fun?’ This is your Guido Cantz.” The cult moderator with the eye-catching hair color is no longer on the ARD show. Barbara Schöneberger took over this position last year. But there was a completely different person Knossi was compared to after the second color stage. Because in the end he presented the end result of his white-blonde hair.

Knossi is now compared to Michael Mittermeier by his community.

Knossi is now compared to Michael Mittermeier by his community.Image: Instagram/ Knossi

The streamer wondered “why would everyone write Michael Mittermeier in the comments now.” “Do I look like Michael Mittermeier? Where?” he wondered. He quickly added a photo of the comedian.

On Instagram, Detlef Steves commented on a snapshot of Knossi’s new hair color: “What is Mittermeier doing in your garden?” Marc Eggers also felt called back to the comedian. “Michael, is that you?” someone else asked. Other comparisons were also made with Scooter’s HP Baxxter. Another wondered, “What happened to Guido Cantz?” “Let’s Dance” star Natalia Yegorova was sure, “Oh my God, that’s cool.”

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