Tour Pro admits cheating: ‘Biggest mistake of my life’

Justin Doeden, 28, has been a pro since 2018 and came to prominence last week with an ugly affair. He spent most of his career on the Canadian PGA Tour, where he played in 43 tournaments. So also this weekend in Ottawa at the Eagle Creek Golf Club. As he was about to miss the cut, he was caught trying to tamper with his scorecard. Because of his cheating attempt, 13 other players would have missed the cut.

Thus, his attempted fraud was revealed

Doeden hit a 68 on the first day of the tournament. That three-under score puts him in a comfortable position to make the cut on Friday and be in contention for the title this weekend. But he only managed one birdie and one bogey until 18 that day. The expected cut was 3 under par, meaning he needed par on the last hole. This par was also recorded on the scorecard and on the ranking writing.

His flight partner pricked up his ears

When his flight partner noticed this score, he turned to the rule makers. Doeden would not have played par on the 18th hole. When authorities later launched an investigation, this was confirmed by other sources. monday q, Those reporting the case cite sources that the current scorer and the two players in the group confirmed that Doeden’s second shot was heading for the par 5 18 green but landed in water on the green. He had to drop the ball and then made the fourth shot into the bunker. After missing the bogey by about two yards, he broke through with the seventh shot.

Further investigation confirmed that Doeden had asked his marker and flying partner, after he had already signed the score card, if he could take another look at it to check something. Unknowingly, the scorekeeper handed Doeden the scorecard. It was later realized that with an eraser the played 7 was removed and corrected to a 5. When the officials asked what score Doeden had played on the 18, Doeden replied with “by”.

Lies have short legs

His attempted fraud would have had serious consequences. His presumed score would have moved the cut line to 3 under par. In Canada, T60 arrives on the weekend, all others are eliminated from the tournament. With 13 other players scoring 2 under par, they would have tied for 61st. After Doeden’s cheating was noticed, the cut line dropped to 2 under par and all 13 players were cleared for the weekend.

“I’m here to confess the biggest mistake I’ve made in my life. I cheated in golf. I’m not like that. I failed my sponsors. I failed my competitors. I failed my family. I failed myself. I beg your pardon,” Doeden apologized two days ago via Twitter.

It’s still unclear how the 28-year-old will continue. A spokesperson for PGA Tour Canada issued the following statement: “A violation of the Rules of Golf will be handled in accordance with the PGA Tour Canada Player’s Handbook and tournament regulations. In accordance with Tour policy, the matter – and any related disciplinary action – will be handled internally.”

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