No Losing: SCG women face historic game

For a long time, the women’s league handball players SC Greven 09 were in the table where their guests are now – and they don’t want to fall back to last place. When the team around Daniel Geers meets TuS Eintracht Oberlübbe on Sunday evening (kick-off: 5:00 p.m.) in the Rönnehalle, only one victory counts. “These are points you have to get if you want to stay in the league,” said the coach. “We have to act accordingly – and everyone knows that.”

More recently, the form curve with the 21:21 (9:11) against TuS Möllbergen and especially with the convincing 30:23 (17:11) against TuS SW Wehe has shown itself to be on the rise. With 5:21 points, the zero-nine ladies still occupy the penultimate place and need to improve. “Hopefully we can build on the momentum of the last two games,” Geers would like to build on last weekend’s strong away stages, thanks to which the Greveniennes have developed a significant lead for the phase. final.

first leg defeat

In the first half of the season, the 09 women from Oberlübbe caught a fad of 18:26 (7:14). “We weren’t very well staffed at the time,” Geers recalls. “It was still the start of the season, our preparation was slow and we had a lot of problems with the resin. The SCG team is now doing better with the glue, as the coach observed in desolation. “In addition, Sina Hübenthal is back,” he said, referring to a reinforcement from the first leg.

“We have a completely different starting position now.” In the second meeting with Oberlübbe, Geers would like to see the Greven team have the same attitude as last time, continue to maintain a low error rate and take advantage of chances in the decisive stages. “The way we hurt you.” Zeron eun ladies should also be related to the atmosphere on the pitch and on the bench. “The girls cheered each other on for 60 minutes, that’s how it should be every game.”

Well positioned in terms of workforce

On the personal side, the coach can draw on practically everything, even if he has to do without two starters until the end of the season: Helena Schwitte has to resign for time reasons and Lenja Noetzel is absent due to a longer stay abroad. in Canada. “Lenja was very strong in many games, it’s a defeat of course,” Geers said in the absence of the goalkeeper. “But luckily we still have two good goalkeepers, Nadja Quadflieg and Emma Schulte-Altedorneburg.”

Another personal problem concerns the SCR coach himself: “I will continue as coach next season,” he announced. “But it will also be my last.” Geers stresses that his decision has nothing to do with the club or the team. He was simply convinced: “At some point, a team needs a breath of fresh air. But that doesn’t mean his time at Greven is over. “I can very well imagine staying here,” says Geers. “Maybe I’ll take over a youth team, maybe I’ll take a year off. We’ll see, there’s still a long way to go.”

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