The organizer speaks bluntly about the state of health

Hélène Fischer had to stop her concert injured.Image: dpa/Marcus Brandt


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It was the shocking moment at Helene Fischer’s big final concert before the well-deserved summer break: during her performance in Hanover, the singer had a trapeze accident and bled profusely from an open wound in her nose. Footage of the accident that can be seen online has caused horror among fans. But how is Helene Fischer now?

The musician’s concert had to be canceled after the accident. The organizer first announced: “No further information on the nature of the injury is available at this time.” There is now a health update for the singer.

The organizer provides an update on Helene Fischer

A spokeswoman for organizer Live Nation said when asked by Watson:

“Helene Fischer was treated in hospital after her performance on June 16, 2023 in Hannover, then released.”

The artist is doing well “depending on the circumstances,” he clarified, “and there is no doubt that she will continue the tour as planned after the August 25 summer break.”

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Fans angry over accident videos

The organizer said nothing about a specific diagnosis. However, from the photos that can be seen online, it looks like a laceration above the nose.

Among others, Oliver Pocher shared a video of the accident on Instagram. Many fans are not at all enthusiastic about the recordings that are circulating and complain about, among other things, the non-pixelated photos and videos on Twitter.

Helene Fischer’s second accident in a few months

This is Helene Fischer’s second serious accident in a few months and it has happened again to the trapeze. It wasn’t until March that the Schlager star suffered a broken rib just days before the start of the tour. The first concerts had to be postponed. Only three weeks later, she was back on stage and pulled off her acrobatic show as planned.

At least no appointments have to be rescheduled this time due to the injury – yet. Helene Fischer still has nearly eight weeks to recover until August 25.

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