Women in these occupations are particularly at risk

Ovarian cancer: women in these professions are particularly at risk

the women who have not given birth to children, are infertile or are of advanced age have a statistically increased risk of ovarian tumors. It is assumed that genetic predispositions also play a role. So far, however, researchers have not been able to identify any environmental factors that promote the development of the disease. A recently released Study by the University of Montreal in Canadanow indicates a potential influence of the work environment.

Beauticians and hairdressers have a three times higher risk

As part of the study, 491 Canadian ovarian cancer patients and nearly 900 healthy women were interviewed about their occupation and other biographical information. It was found that beauticians and hairdressers, practicing their profession for more than ten years had an approximately three times higher risk of contracting the disease than comparison persons. There have also been an impressive number of cases Women in Retail, Construction and Garment established. Additionally, affected women often had fewer or no children and used oral contraceptives for shorter periods of time than healthy women.

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